Benefits of Hot Yoga

Works every muscle, organ, gland, and nerve in the entire body.
Increases muscle tone
Allows you to burn up to 1,200 calories a class.
Reduces stress.
Improves posture
Aids in the prevention of injury.
Helps to improve mood and enhanced mental willpower.
Improves lung and heart function.
Improves concentration due to accelerated blood flow to the brain.
Helps to improve the body’s natural defense system against germs, by stimulating the blood flow

and the flow of the immune system fluids
Hot Yoga helps to remove metabolic waste, detoxifying the body and supplies nutrients to the brain.
Releases endorphins to relieve pain and improves migraines, pinched nerves, and rheumatoid

Improves mind-body coordination.
People who perform Hot Yoga a minimum of 2 times a week feel energized, sleep better and rarely

get sick.

Our mission is to motivate all people, especially those who need it most, to reach their full potential mentally and physically.