Gabriella has always had enthusiasm for overall wellness and being fit. As a young girl she was involved in dance and competitive cheerleading. In college she found Hot Yoga and immediately recognized the benefits she received from her practice both on and off of the mat. Her new obsession with yoga ignited a passion to learn more and share with others. She became certified in Levels 1, 2, 3, and 4 of YogaFit’s Teacher Training program from 2008 to 2010. Soon after completing a 200 hour Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher training program with Wendy O’Lenic at Wendy Fit Yoga and Pilates in 2011, she founded Pure Yoga and Fitness with a close friend and now business partner, Tatianna. Still hungry for more, she began studying Ashtanga yoga under Ally Ford in Clearwater and completed Ally’s 200-hour Yoga Alliance accredited Teacher Training course in 2014. Gabriella’s passion and love for yoga shows in her classes. It is her personal goal to support and motivate every person that walks into the studio. Gabby is known for her creative sequencing that highlights fitness infused yoga.


Tatianna has had a passion for health and fitness her entire life and in 2003, after stumbling upon a yoga class on a beach in California, the practice became a permanent fixture in her workout repertoire. Over the following years, Tatianna practiced Hatha, Bikram and everything in between, coming to the conclusion that – combining all that she had learned to love about yoga and teaching her principles to others would be the ideal next step. In 2011, Pure Yoga & Fitness opened their doors in Clearwater, FL. As Director, she has incorporated Hatha, Vinyasa, Beth Shaw Yoga Fit 1 & 2, Ashtanga with Ali Ford and she is currently completing her RYT 500 certification with Missy White.  Tatianna is an experienced yoga teacher with over ten years in training and is always expanding her practice with new certifications.

Tatianna believes that the practice is both spiritual and encourages self-awareness. “How yoga makes me feel is hard to put on paper,” says Tatianna, “ the practice is like a personal therapy session – it has benefited me internally, externally and in my personal relationships. It gives the students confidence as they push themselves towards personal goals and this inspires me to improve upon my practice.” She relishes in being creative with yoga and in life. Tatianna continues to learn and explore as a perpetual student of yoga, and of the world. She strives to create a soothing, supportive, and uplifting atmosphere, where students feel free to express themselves and are encouraged to learn and grow!

  • Beth Shaw Yoga Fit Levels 1 & 2 2010
  • Wendy O’Lenic Yoga and Pilates Studio
  • 200RYT Hatha Yoga Certification in 2011
  • Founder & Co Owner Of Pure Yoga and  Fitness 2011
  • 200RYT Ashtanga with Ally Ford in 2014
  • 300RYT Creative Sequencing and Alignment with Studio 108 and Holistic Healing in Tampa FL.



Kristin Lorello is a certified yoga teacher and professional dance instructor. After 10 years of dancing and choreographing professionally in LA, while also traveling the world teaching master classes, she moved back to her hometown of Clearwater FL to be with family and share her deep knowledge of the body with a new community. Kristin’s first 200hrRYT certification began in 2010 in Los Angeles at Core Power Yoga. This set a fire to keep learning as much as possible and since then she has been Certified in 4 different styles of yoga (including 500hr RYT), Certified in Aromatouch Technique with doTERRA, studied over 200 hours of Dynamic /Therapeutic Acro through Immersions with Acroyoga.org, qualified Thai Massage and Chinese Medicine Therapist, Certified Reiki Master, and doTERRA Wellness Advocate. To date Kristin has thousands of cerification/teaching hours spent trying to better herself as well as the mind, body and spirit of others also looking for balance. As a teacher she brings a very grounded and nurturing atmosphere to her classes, getting to the room to feel like a true community sharing space with peace and love. My goal is to move and open our bodies to release as many energetic and physical blocks possible ON THE MAT as we can to feel empowered enough to CHOOSE Unconditional Happiness and feel PREPARED for Fearless Action in life off the mat!!!



I discovered the power of yoga in 2010 when I learned the Ashtanga practice and used it to assist in healing an autoimmune issue I was encountering. Since then, yoga has been a daily routine for me. I had been teaching in higher education for 10 years, but it wasn’t until 2012 that I started putting my mentoring skills to work in a yoga studio.

My commitment in teaching is to come to know myself through sharing and supporting others in their own practice. Yoga has become a window into my own being: a union where the physical, mental and emotional become one. Although fitness, confidence, and a positive well being are obvious outcomes of the Vinyasa Flow practice I teach, each stems from the personal commitment I strive to call forth in my students to stretch, reach, and expand our beliefs about ourselves.

My training started with meditation under the guidance of Dr. Bob Fecas in the 90’s, which set me to pursue higher education degrees based in religion and human behavior. In 2017, I became certified under Yoga Alliance with Nexus Institute in Nosara, Costa Rica. Sourced from the foundations of Kripalu, Janel Schullo and Horace Usry expanded my understanding of yoga inwardly. My teaching style varies in intensity, with options for modifications throughout. It’s my commitment that every student who enters the the studio leaves feeling accomplished, bright and alive. Outside the studio, I enjoy biking, swimming and running. When I am not busy raising my heart rate, I am spending time with my family and friends, travelling around the world, and leading workshops for YauvanaYoga, St. Petersburg College and the Osher LifeLong Learner Institute.


Being a believer that health and wellness encompass the heart, body, and soul.  Jayne is passionate in exercise to achieve goals. When the body is strong the mind will follow.  Jayne began teaching many years ago in Pole Fitness due to it requiring both strength and flexibility.    Jayne is nationally recognized as an instructor in Pole Fitness having achieved certifications in Beginner Pole Fitness, Intermediate Pole Fitness, Advanced Pole Fitness, and even Expert Pole Fitness.    This vast teaching experience led Jayne to become certified in Hot Pilates and Hot Barre. Jayne taught all these fitness modalities in Las Vegas, Nevada, and has now relocated to Florida.





Born into a family of European gymnasts, Karolina was raised with the love and appreciation of movement. She studied yoga, pilates and various forms of dance and martial arts. She has been an advocate for the mind body connection in fitness and in life, believing in the mantra “don’t practice yoga to get better at yoga, practice yoga to get better at living.”
Karolina has taught mind body classes for over 18 years and managed a pilates studio in the Chicago area working with athletes, clients with injuries, and cancer patients. She was also a pilates master teacher and certified many instructors throughout the years.

Karolina holds certifications through YogaFit, receiving 200-RYT in 2006. She is certified in mat and pilates apparatus through the Physical Mind Institute, Balanced Body and Pilates Institute of America. She also holds the AFAA group fitness certification. When she is not on the mat, Karolina enjoys taking care of patients in surgery and is a nurse practitioner.


Hey, I’m Marissa! I began practicing yoga over 10 years ago in my hometown of Chicago. Through life’s waves, yoga has always proven to be my place of grounding. In 2017 I took Ally Ford teacher training and I found my passion in teaching.  I use yoga to guide to me through my Doula work, through being a mom of 3 boys, and just being human!! I encourage you to show up and do something good for yourself daily….. meet me on your mat!!


Jenn Witaconis | ERYT 500, YCEP
Jenn Witaconis is a mom of 3 living in Palm Harbor, Florida for the last six years. She’s originally from the Philadelphia area in Pennsylvania.  After practicing yoga regularly for 6+ years, she earned her 200 RYT certification in December 2016 and has been teaching ever since.  While in the 200 hour program, she studied a variety of yoga styles all focused around Iyengar-style alignment.  Through these experiences, and her love of Ashtanga yoga, Jenn has developed her classes around her passion for Rocket Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and creative flow while focusing on safe alignment practices. In March 2018, Jenn earned a 50 hour Rocket Vinyasa Yoga Certification through David Kyle at The Body Electric.  She graduated from the 300 hour ytt program at Studio 108 with Missy White in October 2020, and currently holds an 500 ERYT certification.


I have always had a passion for health and wellness. I love taking  care of my own body through nutrition and mindful movements. A few years ago when I lived in Massachusetts, I was introduced to yoga by a friend. I started to practice regularly and loved the challenge  it brought to me. Also how it taught me to intuitively listen to my mind, body and spirit.

I decided I wanted to help others learn and deepen from their own practice and that’s when I received my 200 hour yoga teacher training from Health Yoga Life in Boston, Massachusetts.

Since then my love for teaching has not only brought amazing people into my life, but also I have learned to teach different styles of yoga, such as, power yoga, restorative and  aerial.

Our mission is to motivate all people, especially those who need it most, to reach their full potential mentally and physically.