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Intro to HOT Yoga

This class is designed for those who are new to yoga or just need a good stretch after a hard practice, long run, or intense work out. Beginners Hot Yoga

Level 3 HOT Yoga

Challenge yourself with this intense and energizing workout that builds on level 2 and includes inversions and arm balancing postures. Hot Power Yoga

Pure Booty

This class incorporates Yoga and Pilates, creating a fun and energetic workout for all levels of fitness. You will experience total body toning with the main focus on your legs and booty. Hot Booty Burn

Available for purchase at PURE!

yogitoes® (one word) makes mindful yoga tools - integrating need with design for every practitioner. we educate and support you to maintain a healthy yogic practice. our company practice from how we create product to how we approach business- is an extension of who we are and how we live. we do our best to live in right relationship; aligning heart and mind in all our actions. we understand no matter how small our actions are, they have the power to have an impact and be a part of collective positive change. we are honored to see our tools around the world supporting practitioners on their mat.

About the new Hippie Skidless Collection

a super absorbent, hygienic layer to place on your yoga mat to prevent slipping.

- mat size towel: 24" X 68"
- 50% recycled poly, 40% new poly, 10% nylon
- silicone nubs